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Insurance for property owners, whether residential or commercial, is critical to ensuring protection against very real threats such as theft, vandalism, fire and weather damage.

With all the time, money and effort it takes to acquire a property, and how important your property can be as both a valuable asset and in providing you with an income stream, it makes sense to ensure you have the appropriate cover to protect it.

Moran Insurance Brokers specialises in all types of property owner insurance, and has extensive experience finding the most appropriate cover for landlords, as well as owner-occupiers. We believe you deserve the peace of mind that comes with having us by your side, and the confidence to know you and your hard-earned investment are protected from costs incurred through unexpected events.

Property owner insurance – residential

Residential property insurance is available for all types of property including apartment blocks, units, villas and houses. While they all differ, property owner insurances address an array of common risks, such as:

Property owner insurance – commercial

Commercial property insurance offers cover for commercial buildings of all sizes and can cover an array of risks, such as:

Moran Insurance Brokers can tailor the policies to suit your insurance requirements, so you get the cover you need. Contact us today for more information.


Approximately 25 years ago, Moran Insurance Brokers found a gap in the market relating to the accurate insurance cover available to tow truck operators. We therefore developed a product with insurers to bridge this gap, and over the years we have continually updated it to ensure it stays relevant to the tow truck industry.



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