Understanding Transit/Marine Cargo Insurance

If you have a business that relies on the movement of goods, whether you’re an importer, exporter, or moving equipment around the city, you need transit/marine cargo insurance to protect these goods should an unexpected event take place.

Do I need it?

Goods are in transit – by land, sea and air – across the world every single day. While the process of getting valuable cargo from point A to point B is fairly reliable, the risk of the goods getting lost and/or damaged at some point is not wholly unlikely. It’s for these times that you need transit insurance.

The bottom line is, if you are moving valuable cargo that you cannot afford to lose during transit, then you need to invest in a good transit/marine cargo insurance policy.

For businesses that move goods regularly, annual policies can be tailored to fit your needs, whereas individuals that are shipping personal belongings on a one-time basis would benefit from a short-term policy to cover a single trip.

Unfortunately many transit and marine insurance policies are extremely complicated, as they deal with maritime, international and domestic laws, as well as other technical intricacies.

Find out more about transit/marine cargo insurance services and how Moran Insurance Brokers can help you.


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