Do you know what you would do if your computers went down?

Would your business be able to stay in operation? For many small and family businesses the impact could be devastating. It’s not just the costs of replacing the equipment, but the loss of revenue, due to disruption to the business, that will have the biggest impact.


The more reliant your business is on computer systems greater the severity of any outages. For those who are heavily reliant on electronic systems and maintaining digital data, extended outages means significant loss of business and revenue.


The threats to your business

Threats to your electronic equipment and computers come from a variety of natural and manmade source, including fire, storms, burglary, floods, accidents and power surges.

Electronic and computer insurance was developed to address these risks and help you keep your business operating or to get it back on track as soon as possible. As well as repairing damaged equipment it allows you to hire replacement equipment in the meantime.

The term ‘Electronic Equipment’ is a broad term, confusing many in regards to what this type of insurance actually covers. According to the ANZIIF (Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance), the type of items covered by thise kind of policy, includes:

  • Electrical and mechanical machinery
  • Computer systems
  • Software
  • Cabling and pipes
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Equipment connected to a computer (routers, printers, USB cards, etc)
  • Boilers and pressure vessels


Do you need electronic and computer equipment insurance?

The ANZIIF advises that you discuss your business’s particular needs with a trusted business adviser or an insurance broker who is unaffiliated with a particular insurance company. These types of professionals will be able to ask you some specific questions about your business in order to make an informed assessment and recommendation of where the risks to your business lie and which insurance options are required to combat those risks.


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